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What Are Installment Loans?

Mega Car Title Loans – Giving You Time To Rebuild Your Savings

Take a look in the Business Directory and you will see that an installment loan is defined as follows: Consumer or business loan (such as for a vehicle, vacation, or equipment) in which the principal and interest are repaid in equal installments at fixed intervals (usually every month).

These loans are commonly secured by the item purchased or by the personal property (excluding real estate) of the borrower. An installment loan is also called installment credit.

Most of us, when  money is a bit scarce and we manage to locate a source for boosting our capital through a loan, want to use the time sensibly by paying the loan back over a period of time.  Car title loans are an ideal example of how you can get hold of a capital sum – which can be anything between $2501 and $20,000 – use it for whatever purpose you best require – and pay off in easy regular installments.

  • Car title loans fast, flexible and hassle free
  • We work out the installments to suit your budget
  • Payments the same each month
  • While you repay the loan you keep on driving

Installment loan payments are regular, payable month by month in equal amounts.   Each payment includes both repaying part of the loan balance and the interest charges. The sum we are prepared to loan depends on the make, model and condition of the car, worked out through industry-accepted sources.

If you would like to boost your finances through regular repayment of a loan that can be yours in a very short space of time just fill out the form on this website or call our local office at (626) 240-0606. Mega Car Title Loans Pasadena, CA  

The installments will lead through to an easier life. Call that number now!