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Romantic Love on a Budget (Yes it Can Be!)

Financial Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

The course of true love never runs smooth and the same can be said for many people’s relationships not only with each other but with money. Someone once joked that he’d like to fall in love with money but never sees it for long enough to form a relationship. Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, flowers, love and romanticism – who wants to talk about money then. But the truth is that in our lives today, the worry about money is rarely very far away.  And with the number of people we are in touch with at online car title loans in Pasadena, we know how money pressures can really be the last straw.

valentines dayIn that spirit, here’s a few suggestions as to how a close budget Valentine’s Day could pan out for you.   Let’s think of the three things that most people associate with February 14th in this very commercial age:  a suitable (or highly unsuitable greetings card, a bunch of flowers and a romantic meal. How about doing all those on a budget?

Tip No 1: Discard the Card
Let’s face it who gains most from a commercial greeting card? Probably the company who made it and the shop who sold it. Just think how much more appealing to the one you love would be something you made yourself. Use your smart phone to take some appealing pictures, print them out and make your own card, one that won’t be tossed into a trash can or stored at the back of a cupboard.

Tip No 2:  Grow your Own
Now of course this is a process that can’t be initiated in a few days. But why not quietly start growing your own little garden or even a window box so that come the day you could provide your own floral tribute to your true love rather than paying inflated prices at the florist.

Tip No 3:  Cook it Yourself
Romantic evenings in restaurants on February 14th are frequently an expensive let-down. Try cooking up something special yourself – it will go down well and save those precious dollars.
And don’t forget that online car title loans are there to help you when cash is tight. Online car title loans are fast, flexible and readily available.