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Mega Car Title Loans In Pasadena

 Hassle Free Finance For Poor Credit Applicants

If you are one of the good people of Pasadena or nearby for whom things are not as great as others, nothing could be better news for you than the availability of Mega Car Title Loans. We all get that desperate feeling when the bills are piling up and the kids are screaming for more clothes or trips away, but the household budget just doesn’t stretch far enough. Now you can realise that the answer to your problems can be parked in your local lot or even in your driveway – your privately owned motor vehicle.  Forget all previous awkward encounters with lenders who were only concerned about your credit record – Mega Car Title Loans just look for the unexpired equity on your car which gives us all the collateral we need to advance a loan.

  • Car Title Loans are fast and flexible
  • Open to Pasadena residents and those from surrounding areas
  • No one asks about your credit history

All this sounds too good to be true? Not in the slightest. The way that car title loans in Pasadena work is that in exchange for the cash you so badly need, we take a lien (or title) over your car while the loan is being repaid.  But the really good thing is that you keep on driving the car all that time so it’s a win-win situation.

Getting that loan from Mega Car Title Loans is really easy. First you decide how much you want to borrow in a span from $2501 up to $20,000.  You can use the cash for any purpose you like. Then you either call our office or use the form on this website. You’ll soon be discussing your needs with a member of our highly trained team of financial consultants whose job is to rush you towards your goal. A few questions about the make and model of your car, and its condition, and you’ll soon be driving away with the cash in your pocket.

So for emergency cash just when you need us, get your application in today – Call us at (626) 240-0606