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How car title loans in pasadena work?

No credit check loans

We offer cash loans for a lien on your car. That means we become a lien holder on your car’s title, while you get a secured loan of up to $20,000. In almost no time you can have the cash you need. Call (323) 745-1341 to get started.

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We offer you a fast and simple way to get cash when you need it. There is almost no paper work and embarrassing questions about your income, and there are no credit checks. Our staff wants to emphasize that they we offer you a discreet method to get money for any situation. Many places like pawn shops and banks are willing to take you property as more than collateral. They will hold on to your property until the last dime is paid back. We offer you to to keep driving your car throughout the loan period. Once you finish paying the loan, the title returns to you.

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