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Don’t Break the Bank at Halloween

Loads of Ideas for a Cost-Conscious October 31st

All children – and nowadays most adults –look forward to Halloween but they don’t relish all the money that gets spent unnecessarily on fast food and shop bought costumes. Like many occasions during the year, Halloween has become very commercialized which is sad for what should be a simple jolly (or scary) day.

Halloween Food for Thought

Halloween PumpkinFirst some food ideas. You will need some thin sliced white bread, crusts removed, soft margarine, cream cheese or peanut butter almonds and strawberry jam to make some spooky Dead Man’s Finger sandwiches. If your kids want more ghosts in their party fare that night, we suggest that you make them Spooky Ghost Cakes. Cut up a pound cake and decorate with white icing for the sheet and black for the eyes.   Everyone loves jello but you know on Halloween it has simply got to have something slimy but fun. Some gummy worms and a couple of packs of Jello will soon produce the effect. Your kids will also love a real Halloween theme cake and a packet of a popular fudge cake mix, water, vegetable oil and eggs, licorice and some more black icing will make a splendid monster cake.

Dress Up Cheaply!

Witch CostumeNow some costume suggestions. There are in fact so many ideas you can unearth on the net – so much more fun than forking out your hard earned cash at the mall and finding that it’s torn so you can never use it again.

You can wrap your little boy in a red checked tablecloth, add some yarn, paint  8 small Styrofoam balls with brown acrylic paint, a pan from the kitchen and a paper plate and hey presto he’s Meatballs and Spaghetti for the evening. For your little girl, why not cut a hole in the bottom of an inflatable bubble bath, make suspenders from white ribbon, blow up fifteen white balloons and fix them on with double sided tape. She’ll have fun all the evening bubbling along.

And Don’t Forget…

With imagination and patience anything is possible. If it all becomes too much, you can get instant cash on your car from a car title loan.