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Finance & Food – the Real Cost of Shopping

Making a Difference in the Year Ahead

If you want to make a difference to your finances in the year ahead, why don’t you consider making a real change in your diet?  This may seem strange when you look at the research carried out by a team of scientific researchers from Cambridge University. So what did they find?  In short it was much cheaper to eat badly than to eat healthily. The gap between the two 1,000 calorie baskets is now $7.33, the research found, when ten years ago it was $5.70.  So why are we suggesting that you should still opt for healthy choices when you go shopping. The simple answer is that the price of food is only part of the question and cheap can mean cheap and nasty, very nasty.

fast foodWe all know that bad foods are bad for your health. But they cost the country in total a great deal. It has been estimated that healthcare costs related to obesity are $118 billion per year which is nearly 12 percent of total healthcare expenditures, incidentally more than twice that caused by smoking! Seventy-two percent of Americans are overweight and over one third are medically obese. One in three children born today will end up being diabetic and for the first time life expectancy is starting to go down.

Obesity & Money

Before you think of the savings in cheap food, think of the costs involved in being unwell, unfit, and perhaps unable to work. The figures are worrying: 7 percent of lost productivity due to sick leave and disability is blamed on obesity. Obese people pay more visits to their doctor’s surgery – and incur more bills – than people of normal weight. Obese people will be spending money on drugs for cardiovascular and circulation disorders. Over 100,000 people a year have gastric bypass surgery, not a cheap option in the battle to get their weight down.

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