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You Have Questions About Getting a car title loan in pasadena, CA?

Q: Give it to me straight, what is a car title loan?
A: A car title loan is also called a pink slip loan. It is a quick and easy way to get fast cash in Pasadena, CA.  We give you the value of your car in cash and we put a lien on your vehicle.

Q: So it’s a Loan. Do I need to have a good credit history?
A: This is the beauty of a car title loan in pasadena and our loan system. We don’t care about your financial history or your current employment. If you come to us and you own a car, we can get you a loan.

Q: How much cash can I get?
A: Everything begins and ends with your car. With a car title loan in pasadena we use the Kelly Blue Book to evaluate the worth of your vehicle and give you that amount in cash. Unlike other places we don’t eyeball anything.

No Credit, Low Credit, or Bad Credit, You Can Still Get a Loan

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