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What is a car equity loan?

Use your car as collateral and get up to $20,000

What do you understand by the term “car equity loans”? It may sound like some lawyer’s gobbledygook but in fact it can mean a whole new ball game for your financial future. Let’s try and illustrate just what a sensible approach to this amazing opportunity can do for you, your family and your future. What is the biggest problem facing families when they do their budgeting? All too often it comes from the problems that they aren’t expecting. Redundancy. Illness. Bad luck. And these trying times always hit people who are already struggling with tight credit situations, maxing out on credit cards and the like.

The benefits of car equity loans:

  • Auto equity loans open to all car owners
  • Just provide the documents and we’ll do the rest
  • You don’t surrender your car. Just repay and keep driving!

With title loans you have the opportunity to gain access to quite substantial finance – our loans come between $2,600 and $20,000.

Simple online application

The application form on our website allows you to work out in advance the kind of money that your car might bring in. Just fill in some basic details about your vehicle and get an instant evaluation about the loan amount. Next, enter your contact details and we will be in touch shortly and continue the application process.

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